Sri Kurniawan

Professor Sri Kurniawan is the Director of ASSIST Labs, which stands for Assistive Sociotechnical Systems for Individuals with Special needs using Technology. Her interdiscplinary research focuses on the design and evaluation of interactive systems that help people with special needs, including older persons, people from third world countries, those with low socioeconomic and educational backgrounds and people with disabilities and children.

Professor of Computational Media and Computer Engineering
Office: E2 331 - Tel.: (831) 459-1037 -

----------Graduate Students----------

Jared Duval


Jared is a therapy game creator, a play chaser, and an advocate for a healthier tomorrow.  His broad range of skills and experiences—from the technical, aesthetic, playful, and medical—has culminated in a passion for to co-creating therapy games that are fun, more productive, and engaging for people with disabilities. He is the creator of SpokeIt, a speech therapy game for children with cleft speech, Cirkus, a movement-based game for children with Sensory Based Motor Disorder, and Spellcasters, a virtual reality physical rehabilitation game for stroke survivors.

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Breanna Baltaxe-Admony

Bre is a Ph.D student in Computational Media with an emphasis in Human Computer Interaction. Her research and career has diven into robotics, machine learning, accessibility and participatory design. Bre is currently focused on assistive technology. She deeply enjoys getting to work with users to make effective technologies.

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Tiffany Thang


Tiffany is a PhD student in Computational Media at UCSC whose research focuses on creating VR games for adults with developmental disabilities that help with social-emotional skill education.

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Aviv Elor

Aviv is a Graduate Student Researcher and Computational Media Ph.D. student at the University of California - Santa Cruz with a previous bachelors degree in Robotics and Electrical Engineering. His areas of work include human-computer interaction, immersive media, robotics, affective computing, user experience, and emerging technologies. Aviv's primary research explores virtual reality by combining immersive environments, wearable robotics, and biofeedback. He aims to augment healthcare by gamifying physical therapy to create interactive experiences that are both physically and emotionally intelligent in assisting users during rehabilitation. Additionally, Aviv collaborates with the UCSC and Industry communities on other XR projects relating to Genomics, Mental Health, Autonomous Systems, Interactive Visualization, and more.

Research Interests: Extended Reality, Wearable Robotics, Affective Computing, User Experience, Emerging Technologies, Games for Health, Assistive Applications
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Lourdes M. Morales-Villaverde

Lourdes is Computer Science Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Santa Cruz. With a Ph.D. in Computer Science, she wants to promote and conduct research in the areas of Assistive Technology, Accessibility, Universal Access, Human-Computer Interaction, and User-centered design; that helps people with disabilities have a better quality of life.

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Peter Cottrell

Peter is a Human Computer Interaction and Design researcher who creates robotic systems and iteractive design for self-improvement. His research started focusing on assistive technology to help people with disabilities and strive for universal access in all my projects. He works with makers, artists and material engineers to explore e-textiles, sensors and soft-robotics to create new modes of deformable controllers for assistive technology.

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Samantha Conde


Samantha Conde is a first year Computational Media Ph.D. student at the University of California, Santa Cruz with a double bachelors of arts in Film and Theater. Her areas of interests are games for health, user experience, assistive technologies, and interactive narratives. Sam’s latest work explores the gamification of education to help teach social-emotional skills for people of all abilities. She aims to help further education by creating serious games that can be more accessible and joyful for people to learn about social skills.


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----------Undergraduate Students----------

Nico Hawthorne

Ocean Hurd

Evanjelin Mahmoodi

Kyle Zhang

Pavel Frolikov

Jeanette Mui

Alexandra Reed

Stryker Buffington

Colby Leiske

Rohan Jhangiani

----------Graduate Alumni----------

Sean-Ryan Smith


----------Undergraduate Alumni----------

Priya Bhattacharjee

Bronte Brillantes

Alex Cabral

Taylor Gotfrid

Natalie Friedman

Joshua Lopez

Brookelyn Mcjunkin

Trevor Parker


Margaret Pearce


REU and SIP Intern Alumni

  • Said Achmiz*

  • Dustin Adams (now Lecturer at UCSC)

  • Alexander Ambard (now User Experience Researcher at Google)

  • Sonia Arteaga (now a faculty at Hartnell College)

  • Maya Bobrovitch (now working in data analytics at Tesla)

  • Luke Buschmann (now at IBM TJ Watson)

  • Brandon Butler (now interactive technology specialist, STS education)

  • Suzanne de Camara

  • Karina Caro (visited for three months from CICESE Mexico)

  • John Chambers*

  • Max Chao

  • Steven Cruz

  • Jeremy Dagorn (3 months summer intern, now a a full-stack software engineer at PocketDerm)

  • Rebecca Emrick*

  • Cedric Foucault (4-month intern, now Software Engineer at Apple)

  • Tory Gallagher (now UI Quality Assurance at eHarmony)

  • Dylan Gardner*

  • Bjørn Grønbæk (6-month visiting student, now Software Architect at Hesehus A/S)

  • Jake Hercules (now Interaction Designer at Volkswagen Electronics Research Lab)

  • Alexandra Holloway (now a Software Engineer at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory) 

  • Melissa Kudeki*

  • Jennifer Lui*

  • LeeAnn Mangoba*

  • Pardis Miri

  • David Narel (now Lab Assistant at Santa Cruz Biotechnology)

  • Shannon Parker*

  • Annie Pugliese

  • Zak Rubin

  • Ryan Shelby (now Senior Product Designer at Apple)

  • Mike Tan*

  • Shrey Valia

  • Jessica Villela*

  • Michael Weber*

  • Adrienne Woodworth*

* = summer interns through SURF-IT REU site

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